1. Flat needle, mainly used to depict outlines and details

2. Double-line needle, the line goes back and forth between two points twice

3. Three-line needle, the line goes back and forth three times between two points

4. Flat needles, flat needles (or needles) are used to fill in some elongated, curved circles. When embroidering the pattern, the embroidery needle first wears a hole in one side of the pattern, and then another hole is made on the other side of the pattern, the embroidery thread spans the pattern and there is no needle drop in the middle.

5. high speed embroidery machine, by controlling the position of the needle drop point, the specified pattern can appear on the stitch. Add design elements.

6. Wave filling, using the steering stitch direction track, can be connected into a variety of curves or curved patterns.

7. The needle is mainly used to fill the slender and curved lines of the embroidery. The line and the three-dimensional feeling of the needle are strong.

8. Tatami needle, mainly used to fill in the area of ​​the graphic or irregular graphics, it is composed of a single arrangement of a single needle.

9.E needle, E-shaped needle looks like a comb, mainly used on the edge of the edge or fill the looser graphics. The most common is the edge on the inlay for the E-stitch to better follow the graphic boundaries.

With the continuous upgrading of embroidery software and the gradual improvement of the function of the embroidery machine, the needle method is constantly increasing from the initial simple single needle, double needle and three needle. . . . To manual single needle, sputum needle, himta to the current e-needle, stereo needle, cap embroidery machine, curve tatami, pins and so on. Therefore, our embroidered version of the master chooses the embroidery needle suitable for the embroidery machine, and it is inevitable that the embroidered embroidery masterpiece can be embroidered with the computerized embroidery machine.